28th May 2006

East Ham High Street, London E12 6SL

Some of the most colourful (yes, I know…) events in London take part in the farther reaches of the capital. The Tamil community is mostly spread around the outer London Boroughs, with a strong presence in Ealing, Wimbledon and Newham. Here in East Ham, they have two impressive temples within a mile or so of each…


25th May 2007

Waterloo Bridge SE1

The last time I tried to cycle with any vigorous intent (hungover & out of condition, admittedly) I ended up temporarily blind, which isn’t an ideal when attempting to negotiate London’s occasionally chaotic streets. Cycling with perfect vision in this city is perilous enough (though there are worse places to nip out for a bit…


11th September 2011

Minster Court, Mincing Lane, EC3M 3AD

Mincing Lane, near Fenchurch Street, apparently derived its name from the Anglo-Saxon term for a nunnery – minchery – whether or not the organisers and participants at this particular event were aware of this little nugget, I’ve no idea, but if Dr Wiki says it’s so, it must be true. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s not…


19th April 2014

Burgess Park, Albany Rd, London SE5 0AP

There’s much more to Burgess Park than the tantalising fact that part of it covers the only area in central London that’s more than a mile away from the nearest tube station. It didn’t even exist before Hitler sent the bombers over and still technically isn’t ‘finished’ despite it being one of the largest green spaces…


23rd June 2013

Monument Gardens, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, SE10

Not unlike the Thames Festival, GDIF (the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, but you can call it ‘Goodiff’ if it’s easier) has risen from fairly humble beginnings during the latter years of the last century to the quite epic gathering of international talent we see today. Each year the festival presents some of the best…


20th September 2014

Paddington Basin, London W2 1NY

Tucked away behind HRH’s favourite hospital & surrounded by swanky new developments is the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal, a much smartened-up extension of Little Venice from its somewhat dingy past, Paddington Basin now boast a number of new bars & restaurants, two state of the art bridges & a base for ‘the…


22nd June 2003

Ely Place, London EC1N 6TD

This place no doubt regularly turns up as a question in one of those annoying trivia pub quizzes – something along the lines of ‘which street in London isn’t actually in London?’ and yes, the answer is this place, technically speaking. Back in the 13th Century the then bishop of Ely had some land here…


12th May 2013

St Paul’s Church Garden, Bedford Street, WC2E 9ED

St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, also known as the Actor’s Church (due to its proximity to Theatreland but presumably also convenient for any of the street performers In front to nip in to pray for a more generous audience) each Spring plays host to the annual May Fair and Puppet Festival. Organised by Alternative…


20th September 2009

Potters Fields Park, London SE1 2AA

Potters Fields Park: a small but precious oasis of greenery carved out of what was, not so long ago, an unbroken riverfront [from about 3:50 in] of wharves, warehouses and jetties stretching from London Bridge to Greenwich, and beyond, all serving one of the busiest ports in the world. This area to the west of Tower…