22nd April 2011

Primrose Hill, London NW3

Statistically, according to the venerable QI, it’s more likely to snow in the UK during the Easter holidays than at Christmas. Well, that was pretty unlikely in 2011. Good Friday temperatures in central London reached the mid- 20°s, which was excellent news for the self-styled Interactive Nonsense Facilitators of Get Lost and Found who held…


14th March 2009

Millennium Bridge, London EC4V 4AG

Here we are on Millennium Bridge on a bright & blustery pre-Spring afternoon & my eyes are burning and streaming in the sunshine in what turned out not to be my first experience of corneal epithelial dystrophy but a bad case of blepharitis (I wouldn’t bother with these links, to be honest – unless you…


6th October 2001

Golborne Rd, London W10 5PS

Now, Portobello Road Market is a place of international renown, and deservedly so (even before a certain film made the area more popular than ever, and I don’t mean this one), but maybe it’s because it’s such a slog for the weary out-of-towner, that few of them manage to get to the bric-a-brac section beyond…


16th August 2007

Waterloo Bridge, London WC2R 2PP

It’s night-time on Waterloo Bridge & this chap has become so mesmerized by the beauty of the view both upriver and downriver that he has literally turned to stone. Well, possibly not stone exactly, but something pretty damn solid, and who can blame him. Waterloo Bridge, often referred to as the Ladies Bridge (thanks to the…


27th July 2008

Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA

Frank Gerhy – now that’s a name to send shivers down Prince Charles spine (does he have one? I suppose he must). It would be unfair to call him the enfant terrible of the Architecture world, only because there appear to be so many claiming that title. Revered by many in the world of modernist…


28th April 2013

Theatre Square, Stratford London E15 1BX

For the uninitiated, the area around Stratford can be somewhat baffling. Having negotiated the complex public transport hub, the prevailing forces in the ether constantly encourage the weary traveller to automatically head towards some sort of shopping experience. Head away from Legacy Land, however, & you find yourself in Stratford Proper. Not the most glamorous…


26th June 2004

Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW9 8ER

Back in the summer of 2004 London had only just been given Candidate City status by the IOC and it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that enthusiasm for the hosting of the Games a full eight years away hadn’t quite reached fever pitch. Anyway, Paris was bound to get it. Meanwhile, the build up for the…


14th June 2010

1 Mark Lane, London EC3M 4AF

It really wasn’t the plan to use the words ‘Luxury Apartments’ in today’s story, although there is a certain resonance with the original story here, concerning, as it does, the punishment handed out to an overambitious medieval property owner. This is the Knollys Rose Ceremony, the detailed story of which I am again indebted to…


21st September 2008

109 East St, London SE17 1ED

One of the oldest and liveliest street markets in London (although the removal of the Heygate and Aylesbury Estates will have a major impact on the demographic of the neighbourhood, with the incoming residents probably expecting nothing less than a Waitrose for their fruit and veg), East Street Market, or The Lane, is also noteworthy…


2nd September 2012

163-165 Regent St, London W1S 3BE

Although the closing of Regent Street for grand marketing/street festival events on certain days of the year have become an established part of the West End Calendar in recent years, the sudden appearance of hundreds of circus acts and street performers on a late summer Sunday in 2012 took most people by surprise, there being…