12th June 2010

Peckham Square, London SE15 5QN

It’s a bit unfortunate the day chosen for this novel participatory gathering coincided with the day England opened their World Cup campaign in South Africa against the much fancied USA (and we all remember plucky little England would’ve pulled off a shock victory if it hadn’t been for a Certain Incident, which I won’t mention…


24th May 2014

Royal Festival Hall, , London SE1 8XX

I don’t think many people would quibble with the argument that the Royal Festival Hall is an absolute gem of a building: great architecture, a whole variety of venues and spaces, plenty of food and drink options, its right next to the river, and oh – it has a fantastically eclectic programme of performance and art…


1st August 2004

Syon Park, Brentford, TW8 8JG

To be perfectly honest, certain elements (not all, I hasten to add) of the Saudi Arabian community in London don’t always do themselves many favours [Google ‘Saudi Community in London’ & look at all those Daily Mail stories – I don’t think we need bother you with any of those here, though…], and on the whole, the home…


23rd May 2009

Bankside, London SE1 9JH, UK

‘Ah yes,’ you’re probably thinking, ‘severe cutbacks at the BBC has resulted in the kind of low budget aliens we somehow managed to be scared of back in the old days’, but you’ll be wrong (at the moment, anyway), for this is hands-on family creativity at its best, and what’s more it’s all carried out…


25th May 2001

Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG

So here we have a celebration of creativity on four levels: an artist working on a considered study of an ancient Roman sculpture in a recently opened newly designed courtyard as part of a building housing an extraordinary collection of artifacts. And then I took a photograph, so that makes it five levels, I suppose.…


20th May 2007

Crystal Palace Park, London SE19 1UE

This young lady skipping merrily down some old steps is actually treading on history. Not Really Big History, mind – the sphinx here is all of 160 years old & is apparently copied from one in the Louvre, but that’s not the point – this is pretty much all that remains of the wonderful Crystal…


20th April 2003

Streatham Common, London SW16 3PX

Well, it had to happen eventually: thanks to the ridiculous state of affairs with housing and property in London, the young, talented and (not even particularly) skint find themselves gravitating towards the less attractive neighbourhoods to find somewhere affordable to exist, and then by their mere presence, the place pretty quickly becomes, well, more attractive.…


24th April 2011

85 Fleet St, London EC4Y 1AE

Well, you either have to be up pretty damn early to catch this, or just happen to be trudging your way home in the small hours from a night of shouting and drinking at one of London’s estimated 5 million nightclubs (that may be a slight exaggeration…), for this spring tradition is taking place before…


18th June 2008

Guildhall Yard, Gresham Street, London EC2V 5AE

It may look like this fellow is rather earnestly trying to get away from a posse of irate shoppers who’ve just discovered his ‘rare breed’ pork wasn’t quite the organic delicacy they’d been led to expect. In fact the truth is almost as implausible: He’s just run with his barrow halfway across Guildhall Yard so…