8th March 2014

Leake Street Tunnels, London SE1 7NN

It wasn’t all that long ago that any street art involving spray cans was considered a particularly unpleasant form of vandalism. Now, in the recent plans for the ‘improvement’ of Waterloo’s Leake Street ‘graffiti tunnel’, the developers insist they want to ‘safeguard’ the art in its new sanitised environment – despite the fact that none…


15th August 2003

Pickfords Wharf, London SE1 9BA

The eastern stretch of the Riverside walk from London Bridge to the South Bank contains some of London’s most popular attractions: Tate Modern, the Globe Theatre, Borough Market… but what was here before any of those (yes I know there’s been a market here for a million years, but not a gourmet foodie destination one)?…


17th May 2007

Southwark Park, London SE16 2TL

As mentioned before, Southwark Park in Rotherhithe (or Bermondsey if you believe the accuracy of tube station names) is a large and cherished green space near the river that would have been a popular respite for the thousands of dockworkers who lived, often in fairly squalid conditions, in the packed terraced streets of the neighbourhood.…


12th August 2000

151 Cannon St Rd, London E1 2LX

Even though the street that this scene was photographed in has changed enormously in the Rather A Long Time since it was taken, this particular area is still possibly the least gentrified of any district within walking distance of the City [I know: we’re getting there, don’t worry…]. As with it’s more celebrated neighbour, Spitalfields,…


8th March 2009

Barbican Centre, London EC2Y 8DS

A lot of people still see the Barbican Arts Centre as something of an unwelcoming, elitist, ugly brutalist mass of concrete that’s near impossible to navigate, let alone find, lacking in soul and in the middle of nowhere. Well, it’s definitely brutalist anyway. But as our image shows, it’s certainly not elitist (although admittedly this…


5th June 2004

Crystal Palace Park, Annerly Hill, London SE19 2GA

So… it could have been Penge Place Estate facing Man Utd in the 2016 FA Cup final at Wembley – if it hadn’t been for Joseph Paxton sticking his oar in and contriving to have the extraordinary glass and iron structure that had housed the hugely successful Great Exhibition in 1851 rebuilt in this quiet…


28th July 2001

Burgess Park, Albany Rd, London SE5 0AP

So there we were, on a fine summer’s afternoon trip to Burgess Park for the annual Southwark World Village Festival (although it wasn’t an annual festival for very much longer, sadly), when, passing the park’s outdoor basketball court, we come across the National Slam Dunk Championships (& I’m not sure how annual an event that…


29th October 2006

Green Dragon Ct, London SE1 9AW

It’s late October and the clocks have just gone back –­ what better way to take your mind off the miserable prospect of five months of (comparative) darkness, than a celebration of Harvest, particularly apples (and consequentially, cider), in one of London’s most celebrated food markets. So this is the Lions part (their spelling), and…


2nd June 2011

Tower Hill Terrace, London EC3N 4EE

We all know these chaps as Beefeaters (vegetarians not admitted, presumably), technically they’re Yeoman Warders: they’re not Yeomen of the Guard – who have very different duties – but a Very Long Time Ago they were one and the same, which is why the Gilbert & Sullivan version might have confused a few people. Just…


20th July 2008

Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4RX

Having mentioned in another post that the middle weekend of July is one of the busiest days in the London Summer Festival calendar, it had become pretty damn obvious that trying to get to more than a couple of events during the Sunday afternoon would more likely prove frustrating and fruitless. Fortunately, those creative folk…