7th June 2014

More London Riverside, London SE1 2AA

Well… this area’s certainly changed a bit in the past few dozen years (apart from that bridge, obviously). This footage from 1983 – the first 10 minutes of it, anyway – demonstrates graphically the devastating impact the closure of London’s Docks had on Southwark’s riverside landscape and neighbouring community. Obviously, the local council and the…


24th May 2003

West India Dock Road, London E14 4AL

Ok, it’s not technically an island, and it’s not full of dogs. However… when the West India Docks were first carved out of the marshland on the peninsular north of Greenwich early in the 19th century to give ships much needed berthing space, it also created a short cut to the ever-expanding docklands in the…


26th September 2009

Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5AQ

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned already (not that I can be bothered to find out where), September is an unusually busy month for outdoor activities despite being the end of summer and only a few weeks away from the clocks going back. This particular late September day is no exception, and unseasonably warm with it, so,…


7th April 2007

Bow St, London WC2E 7AU

The impact of technological change and how rapidly it has affected contemporary life is often made quite apparent in this project (though not deliberately, of course), most commonly in the type and ubiquity of devices being used to record events. The progressively enthusiastic appetite for dressing up is another example – particularly the evolving complexity of…


4th August 2001

Mint Street Park, London SE1 0EY

Timing can be so important sometimes. This part of London, just south of the river near London Bridge was, for a long time during the glorious days of Victorian Britain, one of the poorest and most deprived areas of the city (a young Charles Dickens briefly lived here and would have been greatly influenced by…


16th August 2015

King's Boulevard, Kings Cross, London WC1H 8NN

Actually I’m not entirely sure why I chose this image for the exhibition instead of one from the event I was actually attending – it’s not as if I find myself in a world of grotesque (in a charming way, obviously) little grey sculptures every day. Well, it’s done now. Behind the ghost-selfie is an…


16th March 2004

Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ

Pardon me for the unfortunate symbolism there on the left – that wasn’t planned, obviously – the point being, when you’re in the mood for love, the setting isn’t necessarily important (unless there’s something about the proximity of a 15 inch Mk I naval gun barrel that gets you going, so to speak). Anyway, this is…


9th March 2011

Warwick Court, London EC4M 7DX

Another one of London’s small but enduring ceremonies – and for this we can thank a certain Mr John Norton: Alderman and former Master of the Honorable Company of Stationers, who died in 1620 leaving money in his will for an Ash Wednesday sermon, some cash & bread for a dozen poor people with – and this…


14th May 2006

Allen Gardens, London E1 5EG

We’re in Allen Gardens, the quiet little oasis just off Brick Lane for the annual Baishakhi Festival, which (as mentioned briefly before) is now one of the largest Asian festivals in Europe (assuming it can be properly organised, that is), although back in 2006 it hadn’t quite grown to the point of having to relocate…


6th May 2012

135 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E1 5RN

If you were ever lucky enough to be invited to a Royal Coronation in London (I know, you get them all the time), chances are you wouldn’t expect to find yourself in a housing estate in East London. Yes, the old Queen Mum was considered practically an honorary Cockney during the war years, but I…