8th September 2002

Allen Gardens, Bethnal Green, London E1 5EQ

There are a few of these visual puns in this exhibition, I’m afraid – some have already appeared here, and they won’t be the last… As mentioned before, the serendipitous juxtaposition of unconnected objects is a popular theme with a number of street photographers – some more contrived than others – and it’s not a universally popular…


13th June 2009

Bankside, London SE1 9JH

Here we are at Bankside, one of London’s great historic streets: home to the famous ‘stews’ and theatres of the Tudor and Stuart England, integral part of London’s great docks of the 19th & 20th centuries and home of Giles Gilbert Scott’s monumental art gallery that was so ahead of its time they had to…


18th June 2005

Wimbledon Common Southside, SW19 4TG

No, this isn’t the result of toxic waste secretly being dumped into a local lake creating bizarre mutant creatures; nor is it UK immigration services deploying another sneaky tactic to weed out illegal migrant workers with a cunning false recruitment campaign. This is in fact a surreal promotional stunt by ‘upmarket’ burger company Tootsies for…


7th September 2014

Regent’s Park, Inner Circle, London NW1 4NT

It’s the post-school holiday pre-Autumn late burst of activities in the capital and early September has a good number of outdoor events making the most of the last of The Warm Days. Three of these are occurring on or near the Regent’s Canal this late summer Sunday – time it right & we should be able…


12th June 2010

Peckham Square, London SE15 5QN

So… Peckham has moved on from being the most dangerous place in London to one of the trendiest, and then suddenly is steaming towards gentrification, to be followed by the subsequent backlash – all in the space of about a fortnight. Next month it’ll be back to being a ghetto and we can start the…


12th July 2012

Hayward Gallery, London SE1 8XZ

So here we are in the middle of July 2012: schools have just broken up, excitement about the impending Big Sporty Thing is building and London is trying to squeeze as many festivals and summer events into one weekend as possible, because after this one apparently everybody’s bound to be distracted with holidays and Olympics.…


19th July 2008

Queen Street, London EC2V 8AU

Back in the day (and we’re talking seriously back – from the Middle Ages to Dickensian London, in fact), Cheapside was one of the city’s main thoroughfares and shopping streets – the Oxford Street of it’s time, no less, and this is where the original Cockneys hailed from, the church of St Mary-le-Bow (of Bow Bells fame) being…


5th July 2015

Queen Elizabeth Park, London E15 2EE

Being wise after the event here: when something is advertised as happening in the Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford at a certain time, it’s probably not a good idea to try and squeeze in an event in the West End due to occur a mere half an hour earlier beforehand. And brief and entertaining as…


6th September 2003

Chiswick Bridge, London SW14 7SA

Well this is roughly about the point where the Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race reaches its occasionally dramatic conclusion & the throngs on the riverbank rush to be the first to the bars to celebrate. ‘Throngs’ doesn’t really apply here, as, this being the Great River Race, there’s about another hour’s worth of rowing to get…


24th July 2011

Silk St, London EC1Y 4SB

It’s always a bonus when there are two events ongoing in close proximity to each other, and it’s even more of a bonus when somebody decides to lie down in the street to take an arty photo of a Belisha Beacon right in front of you when you’re in the process of moving from one…