30th August 2014

Jubilee Gardens, South Bank, London SE1 7JA

It wasn’t that long ago that the South Bank area was considered something of a highbrow’s playground: National Theatre, classical concerts, foreign films, obscure modern art, skateboarders… well, possibly not the skateboards. Then a big wheel arrived, County Hall swapped politicians for ‘attractions’ and the neighbourhood gradually started to change. Both the Festival Hall and…


3rd July 2004

Alexandra Palace Way, London N8 7HL

Preparing to set off from the lower slopes of the exhaustingly-hilly-yet-worth-it-for-the-views Alexandra Palace are the participants for this year’s Hornsey Carnival – a annual event that’s recently marked its centenary, and despite not quite drawing the crowds that it used to (see just about every local carnival procession these days), it’s still a popular and…


5th July 2009

National Theatre Square, London SE1 9PX

This wasn’t meant to be a post about the apparent indeterminacy of the world of arts funding, but sometimes these things just crop up, throwing together disparate examples of organisations reliant on differing levels of public support to be able to function successfully. Or, put another way, here are a couple of events happening in…


4th October 2015

Parliament Hill, Highgate Rd, London NW5 1QU

As all great practitioners of the genre will tell you – sports photography can be bloody difficult at times. Now some of you may not see the art of Conkers as a sport, but there is a World Championships after all, and no doubt at some point we’ll be seeing it at the Olympics. The…


24th July 2005

Battersea Park, London SW11 4BE

Thai food is evidently very popular in London – the first Thai restaurant opened as long ago as the mid-sixties (though sadly it’s no longer with us – possibly due to the current buy-to-leave enthusiasm that’s turning parts of Kensington into a ghost town) – half the pubs in London now seem to sell it – even…


16th September 2012

57A W Smithfield, London EC1A 9DS, UK

If, for some reason you choose to cross Millennium Bridge away from Tate Modern and Bankside towards that big dome shaped building on the north side of the river (and many people apparently do), you might notice a striking bronze monument at the top of steps depicting a group of second world war firemen in…


14th October 2007

Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5NJ

Technically speaking, these good folk making a bit of a noise under one of the lions at Trafalgar Square are about a month late, seeing as they’re blowing shofars (ram’s horns to you and me), which are traditionally sounded at Rosh Hasahanah – the festival of the Jewish New Year (which in 2007 – or…


17th October 2003

Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG

Someone’s only gone and made a whopping great hole in the wall at the back of this building… oh wait… this is Tate Modern, and that’s not a hole in the wall [give ‘em time…] but a sun-like projection that’s bathing everybody in a hazy light, encouraging people to lie down in front of it…


1st August 2015

The Mall, London SW1A 2BJ

It’s pretty much a given that, if you stick a couple of wheels on something, before very long somebody’s going to find an opportunity to have races with it. Even something created as a useful little get-around for the busy city worker inevitably ends up on a race track (well, if they’re going to race…


10th July 2008

Union Street, London SE1 0NL

Following the success of his Cycle Superhighway routes, the former Mayor of London’s next ambitious plan to get Londoners fit was to establish narrow cross-city lanes full of water in order to create a ‘Swim Superhighway’ – getting so far as to have this prototype built – after all, as well as being a healthily…