19th September 2010

Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XU

It’s London Design Festival week, and, not unlike London Fashion week, diverse and unusual venues across the capital are commandeered to showcase the talents of a wide range of designers, more often than not presenting work that’s entertaining enough as part of a festival, but not especially practical in real life. These dare-you-to-put-your-gran-in–one seats (‘Spun‘)are the…


8th October 2006

Cable Street, London E1 2QW

Cable Street is a long and pretty damn straight road that began life as a place where huge ropes could be laid out and twisted into cables as a part of the local ship building industry. Until October 1936 the most interesting story related to this 600ft long road (apart from the making of 600ft long cables, obviously) was the apparent…


31st October 2014

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, London SE11 5AN

Ah – Bonfire Night (well, almost…), or the annual opportunity for the ‘Elf and Safety Gone Mad’ brigade to shout off in the tabloids. Yes, we all had bonfires in the middle of our streets in the Good Old Days, and you could throw small children onto them without them getting hurt [unless they’re witches,…


2nd August 2009

Elephant Road, London SE17 1AY

It’s a fine Summer’s Sunday afternoon and these young lads are about to participate in Europe’s biggest Latin American festival (well, it used to be – things haven’t gone exactly according to plan for the past few years, though hopes are high for more of a return to normal in 2017), with all it’s celebratory…


12th October 2001

Leadenhall Place, London EC3M 7AA

It’s not the sort of crowd you’d usually expect to be playing conkers of a Friday afternoon: men in suits, women in gowns and mortarboards (actually, I’m not entirely sure why there are mortarboards here…); posh city wine bar. It’s not like where we usually go for our seasonal kicks. This is a City Conker…


27th August 2012

Riverside Walk, London SE1 9TT

We’re in that brief window in the summer of 2012 when there isn’t an Olympics or a Paralympics or Royal anniversary to hyperventilate over, but the south side of the river is still all a-buzz with tourists (well, those that haven’t gone to Notting Hill) discovering an area the existence of which many of them…


14th September 2003

Jubilee Gardens, South Bank, London SE1 7NA

Somewhat ironically, the 450 or so performers gathered here as the Sing For Water choir are becoming more than a little overheated in the unusually warm September sunshine whilst they wait longer than expected to begin their piece – and there seems to be very little of anything remotely thirst quenching to pass around. Fortunately…


21st October 2011

Russell Square, London WC1B 4HP

I know South Ken has got some of the best major galleries and institutions and the South Bank is right up there for arts and culture, but if you had to choose the most cerebral district in London, then you’d have to go for Bloomsbury: within its boundaries you’ll find everything from the British Museum…