29th October 2000

Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6AA

I must have had a considerable amount more stamina back in the early days of the century, as, somehow, to appease our weekend guests we managed to take in East London’s Sunday Market mecca and follow that up with a trip to Barnes to experience the Wetlands Centre [despite the fact that a lot of…


4th November 2007

Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7LB

No these aren’t a couple of unfortunate racers who misguidedly decided to take a shortcut through a privet – this is in fact a rather striking topiaric (if such a word exists) sculpture to celebrate London hosting the start of the 2007 Tour de France (although technically the race started in Greenwich). Possibly they were placed here because…


4th November 2011

Crawford Place, London W1H 4LQ

I suppose the major problem with staging a highly competitive sporting confrontation between chaps with moustaches and chaps that smoke pipes is, as the Venn diagram would demonstrate (if such a thing existed) an awful lot of chaps fit comfortably in both categories. Still, that hasn’t stopped the deerskin leather gauntlet being thrown and the…


24th November 2013

Royal Festival Hall, London SE1 8XX

Born out of the remnants of the Camden Jazz Festival, which could be traced back to the 1970s, Serious Music (with a bit of help from the London Arts Board) instigated the London-wide version in 1993, taking in some of the best national and international musicians and utilising venues small and large across the capital.…


6th October 2004

St Paul’s Cathedral, London EC4M 7AQ

This really ought to have been a more interesting photo opportunity than it actually was – not just for the event itself, but for the setting: Wren’s masterpiece, which has been looming magnificently and defiantly over the city for over 300 years and an ideal backdrop for one of those jolly flashmob things that seem…


14th October 2010

Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9JH

It’s probably just as well that the day sculptor Andrew Baldwin has chosen to introduce his ‘walking boat’ to the world is a cold and overcast October morning, as the bleak conditions inevitably results in a smaller audience than he might have expected, so the resulting failure of his boat to ‘walk’ (due to the unexpectedly…


8th November 2003

Fleet Street, London EC4A 2DQ

Here we present another in the small but developing series of images ‘Children really love dressing up, don’t they?’ This enthusiastically engaged young group are here to bring a little joy on behalf of Battersea Dogs Home (I imagine you might have guessed that) to the crowds out in their thousands for this year’s Lord…


28th October 2006

Oxford Street, London W1D 1LT

Back in the day before extravagant prosthetics were de rigueur amongst the ranks of the weekend undead, when the simple application of some theatrical blood, plenty of eye shadow and grey cream make-up was perfectly acceptable, the common quip would always be that you couldn’t tell the difference between the zombies and the shoppers [except…


9th November 2014

Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, SE1 8NL

Once a year, in a fairly unremarkable public house in north Southwark, a gathering of the clans from the world of sword dancing takes place. And we’re not talking about this type of sword dance, and especially not this type (though it’d be interesting to see them try) – what we have here are teams…