5th November 2005

Brompton Road, London, SW1X 7XL

If you’re wondering who in their right mind is prepared to get up ridiculously early on a chilly November morning to stand behind some barriers in Knightsbridge and wait ages for a small procession of seemingly unconnected costumed characters to pass by… well it’s folk who are so excited by Christmas that they’re getting into…


3rd November 2012

Regent’s Canal, Haggerston, London N1 5SB

In a way it’s a bit of a surprise that an event as rich with creative potential as the Mexican Dia de los Muertos hadn’t established itself much earlier in the consciousness of London’s Let’s Do Something Different community, especially with the tediously predictable and commercially overbearing Halloween theme dominating the late October party scene [and much…


3rd November 2007

Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5NJ

Yes, I know I had a bit of a whinge previously about the cavalier free-for-all with the Heart NY registered logo, but because this is our treasured health service we’re talking about here, dishing out thousands of flags emblazoned with their versions on them, I’ll make an exception – at least the heart has some…


8th October 2011

Hornsey Street, London N7 8GR

Here we are right in the middle of Arsenal country – in fact the former major recycling centre that once occupied the space where the 60,000 seat library currently dominates the area just the other side of the Holloway Road from here is now situated at the other end of this street. And if history…


25th October 2008

Tunnel Avenue, London SE10 0QE

Wonderful as it is to be able to walk with barely a detour for vast stretches of the Thames riverside [not that the public’s right of way is in any way guaranteed long-term], the parts of it that still remain largely untainted by characterless ‘redevelopment’ are diminishing rapidly. For anyone interested in the city’s recent…


20th October 2013

Green Dragon Court, London SE1 9AW

Shocking as it may seem, it does actually rain in London every now and again – in fact there are one or two examples in this project – just to demonstrate that despite what everybody tells you it’s not permanently sunny here in this town. [No, because it’s always foggy, isn’t it?]. And another thing…


31st October 2004

The Queen's Walk, London SE1 7JA

This may look a perfectly normal(ish) holiday snap opportunity: for here we are on the Queen’s Walk in front of County Hall (as if the Queen’s ever bothered to pop over here for a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll by the river…) with the Palace of Westminster in the background. And she’s even making it a…


6th November 2010

St Katharine's Dock, London E1W 1LP

St Katharine’s Docks were created during London’s trading boom in the early 19th Century, clearing a large area of mostly poor households in the process. Having been the first to suffer the effects of containerisation in the 60’s, the area was then redeveloped with a very different demographic in mind. However, things really have come…


11th October 2006

Liverpool Street Station, London EC2M 7QH

For any poor city worker rushing to catch the 19.27 from Liverpool Street to Gidea Park – having been enjoying a few well deserved ‘revivers’ after a hard day’s graft spent gambling away vast amounts of other people’s money – this might have come as something of a shock: instead of a clear run to platform 13, there’re hundreds…


25th October 2014

Bell Square, Hounslow TW3 3NN

Hounslow, as we have already ascertained, is one of London’s most multicultural boroughs. It’s also been lacking a general open public square to celebrate this cultural variety, created, as it was (I’m reliably informed) adjacent to the ancient road to Bath at the point where weary travellers could reconsider their journeys and choose to go…