30th August 2009

Royal Festival Hall Terrace, London SE1 8XX

What might not be obvious from the main picture is the fact that (barring one somewhat obvious exception) these energetic young folk have been taking part in a carefully rehearsed piece of dance choreography. ‘Ah yes,’ you may think, ‘they’ve all got those Big Dance t-shirts on – so this is another one of those,…


8th May 2005

Forest Road, Walthamstow, London E17 3ED

In retrospect, it probably wasn’t all that clever to pick this particular year to head to Walthamstow to experience the birthday celebrations for the Prophet Mohammed, on account of the fact that, because the Islamic year happens to be about 11 days shorter than the Western one, it might have been a bit more sensible…


30th November 2013

Hoy Street, London E16 1JX

Following all the hoo-ha of the 2012 Olympics and the massive regeneration of Stratford and everything around it, it was only going to be a matter of time before Enterprisng Types began to notice the much-neglected area around where the River Lea finally decides to mix it with the Thames. Most people who aren’t of…


10th December 2001

Leicester Square, London WC2H 7DE

Let’s not dwell too much here on what drives normally sane individuals to stand for hours, often in quite intemperate conditions, for the pleasure of watching people going to see a film. Yes, they’re there to spot the occasional celeb [look – I got a picture of Bob Geldof!] and soak up the thrill and…


6th December 2008

Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ

‘Well, it all seemed like a great idea when we talked about It in the pub the other night…’ And so the simple enticement of a Free Santa Costume (that’s ‘free’ once you’ve paid the registration fee and raised the minimum amount of sponsorship) along with Supporting A Good Cause finds thousands of befuddled participants…


21st October 2012

Green Dragon Court, London SE1 9AW

Now, before anybody jumps to conclusions, this isn’t a sick indication of What This Country’s Coming To – in which a large group of spectators have enthusiastically gathered round to enjoy witnessing the brutal beating of a defenceless man. Well, not yet, anyway. The beating here is purely symbolic, and that’s not a man passively receiving…


27th November 2004

Lewisham High Street, London SE13 6JG

There are plenty of examples of previously unfashionable areas of London suddenly becoming the flavour of the month: Hoxton, Peckham – obviously, Walthamstow, Kentish Town, Shepherd’s Bush… well, just about most places, actually. Except maybe Lewisham [that’s the ‘town’ bit, not the borough by the way] oh – and Tottenham…. Anyway, Lewisham is surrounded by…


4th August 2007

Hoxton Street, London N1 6QG

Well, some you win and some you lose… It’s early August & for once the weather is Proper Summer. Shoreditch Festival is opening, as it did last year, with a carnival parade – and there are lots of other events taking place over the next two weeks at various venues. But with Mother in town…


2nd July 2011

Portland Place, London W1B 1DJ

It’s possible this somewhat forlorn looking bride is gazing into the distance earnestly searching for some particularly tardy suitor [and even if one suddenly magically materialised, they’d still have quite a wait on their hands before they could tie the knot – almost another three years, in fact]… it’s more likely (s)he’s looking to see if…


22nd March 2003

Hyde Park, London W1K 7AN

Much like the pro-Europe marches in the UK following the Brexit referendum result, and the ‘Not My President’ protests after Tufty Orange Head’s triumph in the US elections, this not-much-we-can-do-about-it-now-but-we’re-still-not-shutting-up march is more of a collective group hug than a genuine belief in changing anything – especially seeing as reportedly the ‘biggest anti-war demonstration ever’ a…