25th March 2012

The Green, Southall UB2 4BQ

From what I can gather London’s Sikhs appear to have adopted a pretty accommodating interpretation of calendar schedules when it comes down to celebrating their annual harvest festival (well, in the Punjab it is anyway) and the start of their new year, Vaisakhi. Because the Sikh community isn’t concentrated in one or two specific districts,…


14th February 2009

Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5NJ

It must be fairly exasperating being a Guinness World Records assessor, constantly having to venture out to godforsaken places to judge a record attempt that, due to insufficient publicity and lacklustre marketing, comprehensively fails to reach its target. Ok, so the front of the National Gallery is hardly a godforsaken place, but you do get…


14th February 2004

Church Street, London NW8 8PT

In retrospect it seems somewhat perverse that having made the effort to take ourselves off to explore Church Street market, we don’t appear to have spent much [or any] time in the eclectic surroundings of Alfie’s Antiques Market, which is, after all, the only reason most non–locals come to this otherwise unremarkable area west of Marylebone…


12th February 2011

Green Park, London SW1A 1NH

Two contrasting ‘celebrations’ happening today, and both within a few hundred metres of each other – sadly one of them in retrospect proves to be somewhat depressingly premature, and, come to think of it, the other event’s optimistic message of global peace and harmony hasn’t quite managed to make the world a better place to…


24th April 2000

Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ

We’ve actually come to Battersea Park this particular Easter Monday to catch the annual London Harness Horse Parade, but seeing as that’s already been covered in this project, today’s picture comes from the funfair nearby, and the contrasting couples here enjoying a session on the dodgems – the small girl showing her complete trust and admiration for…


29th March 2014

RFH, Southbank, London SE1 8XX

No, this isn’t a silent disco for the Grey Generation, but in fact a collaboration between two of the nation’s high-culture icons: the Royal Festival Hall and Radio 3 [for those of you not of these shores, Radio 3 is the radio station of choice for the BBC’s more highbrow audience, and is either thriving or struggling…


21st March 2007

Old Spitalfields Market, Brushfield St, London E1 6AA

  Spitalfields, as everybody must know by now, has gone through something of a transformation since the beginning of the century, and as many who were there in the early days will tell you, not very much of what made the place so exciting then is still with us now [though there are better toilets…


24th April 2010

Piccadilly, London W1J 9EF

Now I might be taking a bit of a wild guess here, but chances are this strange character nonchalantly leading his chum down Piccadilly was, until fairly recently, occupying a space somewhere along the Embankment, which for the previous few hours had been been filled with thousands of runners – and their friends and relatives –…


7th April 2013

Westminster Bridge, London SW1A 2JH

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a specific title for people with a pathological aversion to being photographed (‘scopophobia’ is pretty close – ‘photophobia’ though has somewhat annoyingly already been nabbed by the ophthalmic profession) – whatever it may be sufferers should avoid crossing Westminster Bridge during daylight hours, for there are cameras pointing everywhere:…


2nd June 2005

Liverpool Street Station, London EC2M 7QH

You can never tell, except with the benefit of hindsight, how a particular popular cultural phenomenon is going to map out over a period of time. The unprecedented opportunities provided by the sudden emergence of social media produced, and still produces many innovative concepts – like the ‘flashmob’ – that could never have been conceived before. Some events, it…