1st May 2008

Shepherd Market, London W1J 7PA

I doubt if many of the revelers at the original May Fair – which first took place here at the back end of the 17th century – could ever have anticipated that not only would the Fair become synonymous with the area for hundreds of years despite being suppressed after less than a quarter of a…


10th May 2014

Whitton Rd, Twickenham TW1 1DE

You do get a slight suspicion as you board the train at Waterloo that not everybody here heading to Twickenham is going for the rugby. It’s not so much that this absolutely rammed vehicle is almost entirely populated by young people in fancy dress – indeed, the competition’s sponsors are fully behind the whole dressing up…


4th May 2009

British Library, Ossulston Street, London NW1 2SX

The British Library is one of the modern wonders of the world: as well as being the repository of about 5 trillion books, documents, articles and just about everything ever published – even this – It’s a place where proper writers do proper research [as opposed to just looking up things in Google, ahem…], and it’s…


8th April 2012

Serpentine Rd, London W2 2UH

While strict observers of the faith are celebrating the miraculous return of The Saviour by tucking into Archbishop of York approved Easter Eggs, the rest of the country is wondering what to do with itself on the only day apart from Christmas when most of the shops are shut. This particular year the weather’s not…


27th March 2004

Whittington Park, London N19 4DQ

Admittedly, not only could this image have been taken just about anywhere in the country, it could also have been taken at any time over the past 30-odd years (or almost 100 years if consider when this ride was first put together). Rest assured, this is Easter Holidays 2004 and we’re in the slightly unglamorous…


14th April 2007

Highgate West Hill, London N6 6BU

Ask almost any person in the street today what they think ‘Swearing on the Horns’ might mean, they’d probably suggest it to be a rather quaint euphemism for road rage. It is, in fact, an ancient ceremony, although it isn’t, despite its ritualistic performance, associated in any way with the ‘Old Religion’ – unless your…


25th April 2011

Festival Hall, The Queen's Walk, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX

Ever since the Royal Festival Hall completed its major revamp in 2007, artistic Director Jude Kelly has been keen to extend the presence of the venue and its community commitments as much as possible into the spaces around about the venue, particularly after the success of the Brazilian themed summer of 2010. Well, as luck…


21st April 2005

Little Turnstile, London WC1V 7DX

These stout fellows may not look like elite athletes to you, but what we’re witnessing here is intense preparatory work for the tough mental and physical demands of the challenge that is the Handlebar Moustache Club Vs The Pipe Club of London annual darts match [after all darts is now practically an Olympic Sport]. Yes,…


1st May 2013

Roan Street, London SE10 9JY

It’s because, thanks to the wisdom of our wonderful government, that all non-religious Bank Holidays [the precious few that we have, at least] have to take place on a Monday, that the May Day holiday rarely coincides with the the first day of the month. However, for the good people of Fowlers Troop, ‘May Day…


10th April 2010

Parliament Square, London SW1P 3JX

You could be forgiven for assuming this is the latest example of the country attempting to turn back the clock to when everyone knew their place in society – especially Johnny Foreigner – and chocolate bars were the correct size [and tasted of chocolate]. This, however, is the Tweed Run – a genteel outing for…