Supporting the 1001 Days project

(So far) the 1001 Days in London Project has been, pretty much, entirely self-funded. Some major acts of generosity and very frugal living (who’d have thought there was so much you could do with tinned fish) have made it possible to launch the project with the exhibition at Platform in Southwark.

Even with that generosity, it’s been quite an expense putting this project together for the Southwark presentation and the projected exhibition in the Spring, and without additional funding it’s going to be a struggle to be able to exhibit the work in other venues across the capital throughout the duration of the blog.

Until such a time as Ridiculously-rich-yet-totally-ethical Benefactor passes our way, we need to rely on friends and supporters to help keep the project bobbing along.

As a means of generating some revenue to help cover costs, we have produced one copy of each of the 1001 images from the exhibition and invited said Friends & Supporters to have a share in the project by purchasing one or more of these unique ‘tiles’.

box of tilesWe’ll be selecting 500 of the more interesting images and put them into plain white envelopes, so the purchase is effectively ‘blind’. This is to ensure that all the most popular pictures don’t disappear first & that anyone coming to the project a year or so down the line has as much chance of picking up their favourite Morris Dancer as anyone who’s been following from the start.

Other merchandise: postcards, calendars, t-shirts, mugs, umbrellas, underwear, etc may follow further down the line. Maybe not all of those mentioned. A book will eventually appear, not for a good while yet.

So, in simplest terms, here’s how you can own a piece of the Project:


For £20 you will receive one (signed & authenticated by the photographer) ‘Tile’


For £100 you will receive 6 Tiles.


Place your order by contacting & we’ll send you a confirmation & payment instructions. Postage will depend on how & where you want the package delivered.


That’s it really. Any other questions, contact the above address. Thank you for your support.