Because The Future has an increasingly depressing tendency to rapidly become The Present, & immediately after that, The Past, this page will need to be updated on an occasional basis, or at least whenever something significant appears on the horizon, or the information below becomes redundant with time.

So this is what the Future looks like as of early November 2015.


After almost two years of mind-numbingly wading through tens of thousands of images; selecting, revising and editing shortlists; scanning, retouching and cropping the chosen selection and eventually preparing the final 1001 images for printing, 1001 Days in London opened at Platform Gallery in Southwark in October 2015. For two weeks.

Naturally, you’d expect the creator of such an endeavor, after so much grief, would want to see his creation given as much opportunity to shine as possible, at least within the 2.75 year span the blog is due to take. Fortunately, he’s already taken steps in that direction, and the next full presentation of the 1001 pictures (with a few site-specifically enforced tweaks) is being scheduled for another 2 week outing over Easter 2016. More details to follow shortly.

Because of the difficulty with finding suitable venues for such a project (as well as the need to book certain venues so far in advance), work will begin soon to secure a venue for Autumn 2016.

The slide-show presentation of the images is obviously a lot easier to organize in comparison, so there may be more opportunities to see the show this way, depending on how and where it gets to be shown.

Ultimately, the blogging will end and all 1001 stories will be online to view. Once that’s achieved the aim is to produce an entirely different exhibition to the one currently doing the rounds, this time properly curated. Using the same 1001 days, some of the images will be grouped in themes, they’ll be different sizes, they won’t all have to be square & won’t be limited to one image per day. Where and when this is going to happen is anybody’s guess at the moment, but that’s the plan anyway.

In the meantime keep an eye on Facebook & Twitter for any significant (or trivial) updates.